Off-road riding school

Motorcycle training courses for off-road and road bikers

OVER2000RIDERS organizes motorcycle riding and training courses intended for both off-road and on-road bikers.

The aim of this course is to learn all secrets of off-road riding as well as the improvement of technical aspects allowing the riders to optimize their skills and the potentiality of their motorcycles.

The courses take place in a dedicated area as well as in predefined routes. Three skill levels are provided: Basic, Evolution and Professional. We ride on different tracks and face different situations.

These courses are intended for bikers with single-cylinder, off-road and on-road motorcycles and twin-cylinder motorcycles.

At the end of this course the biker will be capable to ride and travel off-road, aware of his own skills and limits.

Off-road motorcycle training courses especially dedicated to young people

This is a new peculiar initiative that we consider very important also under a social point of view.

The aim is to teach young people an “off-road culture” that we have gained in many years of practice.

This training course includes riding technique, subjects such as physical training, laws, rules, maintenance of one’s own motorcycle, reading of maps, theory and practice on GPS devices.

At the end of the course a short off-road trip will be made. The young participants shall organize and manage this trip by themselves or together with adults (if bikers!).

This way we will teach to young beginners all necessary concepts and spurs to become a real complete off-road biker.