Code of ethical behaviour


Off-road tourism culture is often considered incompatible with environment protection, with recreational nature activities and with sports to be made at mountains.

This is due to a minority of people who practices these activities behaving without any respect of the rules, of environment and of other people.

On the basis of these considerations OVER2000RIDERS has decided to provide a Code of behaviour which must be signed by all members when they sign in to our Association. So we have written a Code of Ethical Behaviour whose provisions are the results of our 30-year experience in off-road tourism on dirt roads, mule tracks, and difficult tracks in little inhabited areas sometimes even impracticable, both inItaly and in other countries.

Besides, we have drawn inspiration by the ÔÇťcommon senseÔÇŁ rules, by respect to people and environment as well as technical and safety rules.

So, considering the abovementioned concepts we have drawn up a Code with principles that must be respected, with aims to be reached and with indications of how to behave when taking part in our trips.

OVER2000RIDERS commitment is to guarantee the respect of the provisions of the Code of Ethical Behaviour during our events and trips as well as to promote constantly its principles to all members.

Code of ethical behaviour