Our Activities


OVER2000RIDERS activities include:
OFF-ROAD TOURS on 70% dirt roads and 30% asphalt roads. The distance covered each day is about 100-150 km. These trips are suitable for mono and  twin cylinder motorbikes and four wheel drive vehicles. All trips allow time for sightseeing and taking in local culture and scenery. And our schedules include plenty of photography breaks!
DRIVING TECHNIQUE COURSES for off-road motorbike riders. Our aim is to share our driving secrets in order to improve knowledge, experience and skills.
YOUTH DRIVING COURSES this is a new activity with a valuable social content. Its aim is to pass the “off-road culture” we have acquired during many years of practice on to young kids.
The course provides useful information on:

  • physical training,
  • rules and regulation
  • bike’s maintenance

Kids will also learn to read a map and to use a GPS. The course will end with a short off-road  tour (a weekend tour) organized by them with the option of inviting their parents.
All members have to sign a Behavioural  and Ethical Code when subscribing to guarantee commitment to all OVER2000RIDERS ethics and activities.