Albania Adventouring: a new trip in the mountains of Albania – 10 days

We have made the second scouting in Albania to organize a new Tourism Adventouring trip. We have traveled for about 1500 km through the mountains, the lakes and highlands of this beautiful country. The routes are very varied and technical but truly spectacular, people are very friendly and hospitable: there are all prerequisites to a


The 9th edition of the HARDALPITOUR (HAT) will take place from 8th to 10th September 2017.  We are thinking about  a new route and a new format. The detailed programme will be online by December 2016. Registrations will start in mid-January 2017. If you are interested, please e-mail the pre-registration of your team to info@over2000riders.com.

Concluded tour From Trieste to Monstar through Croazia e Bosnia.

It was concluded in the best way around this beautiful lasting nine days, 1800 km to 90% on roads and dirt tracks through the highlands, forests and woods in a natural amble still truly wild and unspoiled. Difficult to describe the variety of the places visited and met land, a paradise for Tourism Adventouring. More

The tour through the highlands of the Verdon successfully finished

The tour through the highlands in the Verdon successfully finished. We rode along beautiful  roads and forest tracks across the highlands and mountains of the Sainte Croix lakes and Esparron, accompanied by a very good weather. In three days we rode about 430 km through forests and mountains, easy tracks suitable also the for twin-cylinder

Successfully completed the 1st Apennines Challenge

In recent days we have completed successfully the first Edition of the Appennini Challenge, a new tour through the Apennines between the southern Piedmont and Liguria. A journey of three days on minor roads, unpaved and paved, crossing little-known areas, hamlets and villages, through forests and vineyards. This new route has the advantage of bringing

Membership association over2000riders 2016

As of January 15 will be able to join in OVER2000RIDERS for the year 2016 directly through the website. Link How to be come member Members can take advantage of a new and important service, legal assistance for those engaged in the business of tourism in Italy on off- roads. More details by accessing the

Calendar of the events 2016.

We have defined the calendar of the events for 2016. Link to  Calendary events 2016. The detailed programme of each event with all necessary information will be available in our website soon from 15 th gennuary.. The first scheduled event is the ALPI DEL SUD and VARS IN FUORISTRADA (OFFROAD VARS) from 11 to 13

Bosnia and Croatia Adventouring

After a scouting last week in Croatia and Bosnia, we are planning for May 2016 a new 9-day trip to these countries. Philosophy of this trip will be as usual the motorcycle tourism on dirt roads. During our scouting we crossed pristine landscapes, wild nature as we have never found in Europe; forests, more than