“Sestriere Adventour – Motorcycles beyond the clouds” 5th edition, June 30 – July 1st and 2nd

“Sestriere Adventour – Motorcycles beyond the clouds” 5th edition, June 30 – July 1st and 2nd

Online registrations to the Sestriere Adventour are closed. You can sign in directly at the check-in desk in Sestriere at 09:00 a.m.


 We have published a list of hotels with relative fares. Linking to  LIST HOTELS  and  PRICES OF THE HOTELS   you’ll find all necessary infomation. For reservations please  contact  the Consortium.

Registrations to the fifth edition of “Sestriere Adventour – Motorcycles beyond the clouds” are open. This is the great meeting for enthusiasts of Adventouring that will take place on the large network of dirt roads at high altitude in the Val di Susa and Val Chisone, from Friday 30th June to Sunday, July 2nd, with starting point in the village of Sestriere.

OVER2000RIDERS will provide an own “village” located in the central Piazza Agnelli, Sestriere, that will be the meeting point for all the participants as well as the start and finish points of the Adventours and of the HALF HARDALPITOUR.

The Adventours are itineraries to be covered in the two valleys, with groups of up to 15 riders with an IGAST guide: the off-road motorcycle guides who are officially recognized by the IMF. The Adventour wind for hundreds of kilometers of trails mostly dirt of various nature, immersed in a fascinating high-altitude natural environment, including valleys, plateaus, villages and pastures that almost reach 3,000 meters above sea level. During these three days, many tours are planned that will wind up through a network of dirt roads that take you to the most spectacular and breath-taking panoramas dotted with many forts, outposts, barracks and so on. The Assietta road, the mountains of Seguret, the Colomion hill, the Argentera Valley and Thures, the Mountains of the Moon, and the legendary Chaberton are just some of the places that all the participants can discover. Thanks to the fruitful collaboration between Over2000riders and local authorities, many roads will be open to transit for this event only.

On July 1st Saturday night the HARDALPITOUR HALF (HALF HAT), will take place. This is  a  night 12-hour adventure that will start from Sestriere at 23.00 and return at 11:00 on Sunday. A 250-km route with GPS tracks on high mountain dirt roads, surrounded by a spectacular sky.

To register please see this link “Adventour- Sestriere – Motorcycles beyond the clouds.” Do not forget that you have to be a member of  OVER2000RIDERS to take part in our events.