Tour regulations

Field of application
This contract is drawn up on the basis of general conditions hereby as well as of clauses of tour documentation that the Member receives. This documentation includes the application form to the Association, the application form to the Event and information relevant to the Event itself.

The application to the event is accepted according to the available places and it is considered implemented only when the organization has given confirmation to it.

At booking, a share is required as an earnest to take part of the event, as shown in the Description of the event on the Web site. The settlement payment shall be made at least 30 (thirty) days before the date of departure, unless otherwise agreed between the Parties. In case of booking made after the 30-day deadline, it is necessary to pay the whole amount at the moment of enrolling in the tour.

Changes of the event
The member shall be immediately informed about any significant change of contract provisions and variation in price that the organization may or is obliged to make before the day of departure.
A variation of price that exceeds 15% of the price itself is considered significant. In this case the member is entitled to withdraw from the contract without any charge, or he can accept this variation.
Shall the organization not provide an essential part of the services included in the program when the event is in progress, the organization is obliged to find alternative solutions without additional costs for the Member.
Member’s withdrawal from the contract
The member is entitled to withdraw from the contract without any payment to the organization, if he was informed about a significant variation of the program and/or of an essential provision of the contract, as explained in the aforementioned point.
Shall the member decide to withdraw from the contract for reasons which differ from the aforementioned ones in any case he is obliged to pay the enrollment fee (earnest), if any, plus the 30% of the whole participation fee, if withdrawal is required less than 30 days before the date of departure.

Participant’s obligations
The member is responsible for his own vehicle. He shall make sure that the vehicle used for the event is in good operational and maintenance conditions in order to avoid any predictable malfunction or failure before departure. Vehicles shall be equipped with tyres in excellent conditions and suitable for off-road driving. The member shall follow all rules for a careful and safe driving as well as road rules. He shall follow information supplied by the organization.

Hotel accommodation is subject to availability of accommodation facilities in the areas where the events take place. The organization shall inform the member about the level of the facilities chosen and used for the events. Should a hotel not be available because of reasons not depending on Organization’s will, the organization makes any effort to provide alternative accommodation, without additional costs for the member.

Responsibility of Organization
The organization is responsible of damages caused to the members due to non-fulfillment of the agreed services of the events, unless this non-fulfillment is caused by the member’s behaviour or by accidental or force-majeure situations, as well as by circumstances that the organization could not reasonably foresee or solve. In case of failure of the member’s vehicle the organization is not bound to provide any reimbursement or other services nor substitute vehicle, unless otherwise agreed. The organization is not responsible for any variation of route due to unexpected causes such as impracticable roads or introduction of new restrictions and prohibitions on vehicular access or transit. The member relieves the organization of any responsibility
for damages to people and/or objects due to driving of his own vehicle during the event.

Obligation of assistance
The organization is obliged to provide the necessary assistance to the Member in compliance with diligence criteria and with the provisions of the contract.

Tour regulations (.PDF)