About us

Over2000Riders is a non profit sport Association that promotes social activities (A.D.S.P.S). it is a registered association in the CONI register of the ADS and it is affiliated with C.S.A.IN (Sport Centre for Industrial companies ).

Over2000Riders is based on a social statute and has a Board of Directors that manages the activities. it is approved by the Finance Minister and has a regular social fiscal code.

In order to participate to any of the activities we promote, members must be associated to Over2000Riders.

Moreover, Over2000Riders has a headquarter where members may meet and take part of social activities promoted by the Association.

Therefore, those that are involved in these activities are members of OVER2000RIDERS. The most experienced members offer their knowledge and support as Leaders, Guides and Mechanics for the success of the tours and the benefit of the others.