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Italian and French Alps

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OVER2000RIDERS is an association for enthusiasts of off-road touring with motorbikes or four-wheel drives. Its goal is to develop the sort of ‚Äúoff-road tourism culture‚ÄĚ which enables its members to appreciate the cultural, historical and environmental aspects the places they visit.

OVER2000RIDERS caters for all age groups and it organizes motoring events for those who want to combine both the technical aspects of driving and travelling. The goal is always that to create a complete off-road experience at all levels.

OVER2000RIDERS programs are: driving and training courses to use off-road motorbikes and 4X4 cars in Italy and Africa, tours and excursions along carriage roads at high altitude in the Italian and French Alps, off-road tours in Italy and other European countries, rallies and meetings.

Our experience and knowledge are at your disposal.

Travel and Tour

OFF-ROAD TOURS on 70% dirt roads and 30% asphalt roads.



Motorcycle training courses for off-road and road bikers
OVER2000RIDERS organizes motorcycle riding and training courses intended for both off-road and on-road bikers.


Photo & Video

All OVER2000RIDERS tours are inspired by cultural, social, military and historical themes.